I experienced some setbacks and roadblocks in both personal and business aspects of my life. I was frustrated, and started to develop an almost nihilistic view of my efforts to keep going.

After listening carefully to my situation and showing compassion for my feelings of disappointment, Michael directly addressed my frustrated expectations. It was a dose of reality that was delivered with kindness and clarity. Among the many things I value very highly about sessions with Michael is that there is no fluff or filler, he skillfully keeps the session on track with pertinent questions or astute redirection. 

We engaged in a four month program to build a new metaphor for my life, one that would allow for a wider scope of possibilities including the opportunities that emerge from setbacks. While my business and personal situation has unequivocally improved, of particular and ongoing benefit was the guidance to develop a set of personal practices to stay present and grounded whatever the circumstances of my life might be.

Far from being a “you can do it!” motivational session, Michael has the skill and tools to guide you through some very deep reflection on yourself and your life. You will come out the other side with the confidence that you can indeed “do it”; but of more value, to me at least, is the renewed sense of curiosity and wonder at the life I have been gifted to live.

-Micah Martin, Martin’s Professional Painting

“Working with Michael was not what I had expected, but was what I needed. Michael is lovely and I immediately felt relaxed with him as we chatted about what I was wanting to achieve, and the methods I could use to approach this. He took his time, was very generous with his information, and put me onto a few things that I know will be useful in the coming years. There was no shying away from the truth with Michael, and I respect him more for this, but his gentle manner and intuitive approach had a profound impact on me. I’m very much looking forward to working with Michael again.” 

-Katie Knight, Iceland

Before I hired a coach, I wanted to be more assertive in my professional career. I was tired of getting in my own way: In my head I would create these imaginary scenarios of what might happen if I stood up for myself that kept me from actually standing up for myself. As I began to use the practices Michael created for me, I started being more assertive and creating my own path, I immediately started to see the positive effects at work. This ultimately lead to me getting a better role in a different organization. I feel empowered to take on my next challenge and certain that I can handle everything my new role will challenge me with.

Kevin Kinmonth, Senior Planner / Scheduler