The first thing you need in order to make good use of the Enneagram as a tool for greater self-knowledge and positive change in your life is to determine which of the nine Enneagram types is yours.

Figuring out your type can be a helpful journey of self-discovery itself, so there’s no need to rush the process. There are lots of good books out there (here’s one I like).

There are also no shortage of online typing tests ranging from about $10 – $100. I have mixed feelings about the tests, which provide some good data, but often purport to be a lot more definitive than they actually are.

My suggestion is to have a Typing Interview with a professional like myself in order to get some guidance towards your Enneagram type. We’ll spend an hour in conversation, with no previous knowledge of the Enneagram required. From there, I’ll narrow your Enneagram type down to two or three possible types for you to check out and explore.

I don’t make any claims about definitely identifying your type like some of the test do, I am an informed guide and fellow traveler on your journey of discovery. While I’m sure that lack of definitiveness is unappealing for some; personally, I would rather have an honest guide than a quick and straightforward route to what might be the wrong answers.

Click here to book a one hour Enneagram Typing sessions for $150 CAD.

Click here if you’d like to talk for 30 minutes at no charge if you’re not sure this is the offering for you.