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My life was in shambles in 2013. I hated my job, my relationship had just imploded, and insomnia was turning me into a zombie. I was desperate enough to try anything to turn myself around, so I tried everything: meditation, yoga, floatation tanks, and more. It all helped, but it was an unfocused approach at best.

Working with an Integral Coach™ immediately uncovered the major gaps and blind spots in my recovery regimen. My coach was understanding about why I instinctively kept trying to deal with life the same way I always had, and that made me receptive to the small, doable practices she gave me to build new capacities to do things differently.

We all go through these tough periods. Our habitual behaviours work well for us until they don’t anymore. We need to do things differently, but we’re so identified and invested in our current approaches, different possibilities are hard to see. This is the profound value of an Integral Coach™. With practice and guidance from my coach, my beliefs and assumptions changed, and more effective behaviours became natural.

My life was so transformed by the process of Integral Coaching® that I was inspired to become an Integral Master Coach™ myself to help others transform the troublesome, frustrating places in their lives.

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