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You know what’s bothering you, what keeps getting in the way. I can help you build a way through it.

Michael helped me identify the change I was looking for and guided me towards that change with a very well thought out, customized program. I can honestly say that my life is better as a result of his program and I really could not have achieved the results I did without him (I had been trying for a long time!). He asked the right questions and made sense of my responses to get to the root of my challenges.  -Kailey Vokes

Before working with Michael, I felt like I was always questioning myself. It was a struggle for me to have the self-confidence to know that what I was saying/doing was the right thing. Since then, I feel that I have become more self-aware.  This includes taking time to react to items in my life that I felt I sometimes jumped into before fully reviewing. I am most proud of myself for becoming more self-confident.   -Melissa Y.

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