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Before I hired a coach, I wanted to be more assertive in my professional career. I was tired of getting in my own way: In my head I would create these imaginary scenarios of what might happen if I stood up for myself that kept me from actually standing up for myself. As I began to use the practices Michael created for me, I started being more assertive and creating my own path, I immediately started to see the positive effects at work. This ultimately lead to me getting a better role in a different organization. I feel empowered to take on my next challenge and certain that I can handle everything my new role will challenge me with.

-Kevin Kinmonth, Scheduler

At the start of our coaching program, I was feeling disengaged at work and in my personal relationships; with my husband and even with my kids. I was very caught up in my own negative thoughts and they held me back from being fully present in my daily life. I considered coaching because it felt like more of a way to actually DO something about my struggles rather than just talk about and discover them. I liked the idea of the practices and reflections to do a bit of a “deeper dive” into understanding myself.

Professionally, I have become more engaged at work. I was recently asked to assist a Geriatrician on our team at his weekly clinics for seniors. In the past, I would have felt somewhat incapable of doing a good job at this, but now I am in a more gentle space where I know I am capable and it’s okay if there is a bit of a learning curve. I’ve also noticed that I put less pressure on myself about being a certain way that a “good mom” or “good wife” would be. I do my best and I try to let that be enough. This creates space for me to more deeply enjoy experiences with my children and family and what I have to bring to them.

Ashton Underwood, Registered Nurse

Working with Michael was not what I had expected, but was what I needed. Michael is lovely and I immediately felt relaxed with him as we chatted about what I was wanting to achieve, and the methods I could use to approach this. He took his time, was very generous with his information, and put me onto a few things that I know will be useful in the coming years. There was no shying away from the truth with Michael, and I respect him more for this, but his gentle manner and intuitive approach had a profound impact on me. I’m very much looking forward to working with Michael again.

-Katie Knight. Iceland.

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