All the habits, good and bad, of our Enneagram Types are carried in our bodies. Often, we have a strong intellectual understanding of why a particular change would be good for us. We can even feel the pain of not having made the change yet and the potential joy and ease that could come from finally making it. And still… nothing changes. Why?

Western approaches to change often neglect and ignore the body. We are typically given logical arguments as to why the change would be good for us, or told to want it harder, as though a lack of feeling or desire were the problem. Sometimes these approaches can work, but they tell our bodies nothing about how to move differently or what new physical sensations may accompany the changes were trying to make.

By exploring and allowing the physical sensations that accompany the areas in life in which you are trying to make a change, we can start to let your body have a say in the matter too. With a bit of care and attention, your body, your steadfast companion through life, can be brought into alignment with the change your heart desires and the logical reasons for the change that your mind has mapped out.

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