Michael is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach and certified Integral Master Coach™ through Integral Coaching Canada. Prior to coaching, Michael obtained an undergraduate degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto and worked as a communications specialist in the Financial Services industry. It was this passion for communication and recognition of the power of language to inspire and open minds that led Michael to explore coaching. First as a client, then student, and now professional coach with over 6 years of experience. Michael combines a thorough grounding in coaching methodology and Integral theory with active listening and genuine curiosity about people to explore challenging areas safely and compassionately with clients. He has experienced countless times the importance of well-being and engaging the physical body in making change in just about every area of life. Michael is based in Toronto where he enjoys strolling with no particular destination in mind, eating food from all over the world, and the occasional bout of vigorous exercise.