Let Imagination Help

I’ve wrestled with writer’s block for most of this decade. My one and only blog entry was published a year ago. But back in university, I’d be bursting with inspiration for my assignments just from walking home after class. What happened?

I never had much discipline. It took being desperate enough to adopt a meditation practice for me to cultivate discipline. It’s been helpful in the ways you’d expect: I get more done without procrastinating to the point of desperation. Once done, I still have the time, energy, and interest left over to present my ideas with some polish now.

Discipline, while necessary, is not sufficient for creative endeavours. There has to be a spark of imagination and inspiration to give life to our work. Our culture seems to have forgotten the value of imagination and play. Play is the primordial source from which inspiration arises.

Anything worthwhile is going to require focus eventually, but being disciplined list-makers and taskmasters only gets us so far. To my surprise, the quantity and quality of my writing and coaching design work has increased by adding a bit of play into my day. I moved some DJ equipment into my office and started taking a 10-minute house-party break smack in the middle of my work day. Movement and fun got my blood and ideas circulating and shook me out of my ingrained habits of thinking.

A Peek Into Your Imagination

Want a quick window into the latent power of your own imagination? Start writing down your dreams in the morning. Let yourself appreciate the outlandish situations your mind comes up with when freed from the constrained thought-patterns of waking consciousness. Don’t remember your dreams? Just telling yourself that you’d like to start remembering them and keeping a pad and paper by your bedside will increase your dream recall.

Give it a shot. Next week I’ll share with you a creative way of working with those dreams to understand yourself a little bit better.

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